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We provide young people with opportunities to develop themselves via international internships and volunteer programs. These experiences are built by a dedicated network of students and recent graduates from over 120 countries and territories.
Safety always comes first. In the light of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we advise you to ensure you are aware of the latest information available on the WHO website and through the Danish Public Health authorities before making travel plans with AIESEC.
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Cross-cultural exchanges

AIESEC provides an opportunity for young people to work or volunteer abroad in non-familiar environments. This allows them to step outside their comfort zone and expand their worldview, while contributing to the community in which they are working.

Our What

We develop youth leadership through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments.

We ensure that practical experiences in challenging environments are present by facilitating cross-cultural exchanges and creating these opportunities in membership roles.

Membership roles

Our members work in teams to create and manage these cross-cultural exchange experiences. This provides an opportunity for our members to live powerful team experiences and develop their own leadership potential.

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Stories of Impact

“Living in Peru and teaching English for 6 weeks put me in the position where I had to face my own fears and personal limits and that allowed me to become more self-aware while making an impact in the local society at the same time.”

Adriana Weinlichová

“Going to Greece for my internship of 3 months has taught me that great experiences can happen if I decide to take the leap to a new adventure. I have also learned how to manage myself better and how to find a way in any situation.”

Camelia Istrate

“AIESEC has helped me develop the ability to lead others with positivity, in constantly challenging and evolving environments. Every day in this organization brings a new opportunity to step up as a leader, which truly makes this experience an adventure!”

Nishita Ramrakhyani
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