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  • Young people between 18-30 years old.

  • Currently studying or living close to one of our local chapters in Denmark.

  • Eager to work together in a multicultural environment.

for youth, by youth.

AIESEC is the world's leading youth leadership development organization to develop the potential of young people. Present in over 110+ countries and territories and with over 30,000 active members, AIESEC is the world's largest youth-led organization. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get the experience and skills that matter today.

We are gathering all young people in Denmark with multiculturalism and diverse study backgrounds. We are the platform for youth personal development, gathering like-minded youth to promote cross-cultural understanding with our local and global network of AIESEC.

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Why should you join AIESEC?

Personal Development

In AIESEC, members can develop their management and interpersonal skills through practical learning experiences that complement their formal education to emerge as well-rounded individuals.

Leadership Development

AIESEC empowers young people to take leadership initiatives in challenging environments, where they can develop leadership competencies and values with a clear support system for the learning goals of our members.


Our global community is spread in over 100+ countries and territories, giving our members the chance to connect with people across the globe and allowing them to build a local and international network of youth.

Make an impact

Our mission, values, and diversity create an inclusive environment for people to learn, connect with others, and contribute to a better world through our programs and opportunities, aligned with United Nations SDGs 2030.

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Contribute to Career Path Development

In AIESEC, members are developing not only their personal skills but also their professional skills that contribute to their career path development and be prepared for their future work.

Building Lifelong Connection

Our successful alumni are always connected and spread across the globe, making AIESEC a choice to connect with professionals to support your self-development and future opportunities to work with our alumni.

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The AIESEC Member program is an informal education for young people, that focuses on leadership development at the core.

Unlike other training courses, university clubs, or youth organizations, our product develops young people by delivering a personalized, relevant, measurable leadership development experience, connecting them to a global network of youth and partner organizations.

  • Develop yourself
    Develop self-management and interpersonal skills through practical learning experiences to emerge as a well-rounded individual.

  • Learn to lead
    Get an empowering & challenging environment where you can develop into a value-driven leader.

  • Build your network
    Connect with people from all over the world and build your own local and international network of like-minded young people.

  • Connect with AIESEC impact
    Contribute to a better world through the programs we offer and further leadership opportunities.

What did our members say about their experience #withaiesec?

I choose AIESEC to invest in my future professional career development. And the biggest beauty of AIESEC; when you fail, you can try again and again until you feel confident enough, and all of that with amazing people who have your back.
Andea Volajova
From AIESEC in Aalborg
Thanks to AIESEC, all of my experience in AIESEC happens in a safe environment, where we learn from failure and try to do better next time.
Katerina Dlouha
From AIESEC in Odense
AIESEC offered me friends, experiences, skills, and, most importantly, memories. My experience in AIESEC so far has been really diverse, going from challenging to enjoyable.
Georgi Dimitrov
From AIESEC in Copenhagen
I am #proudtobe part of AIESEC because I met amazing people along the way who helped me develop myself further personally and professionally - and who I can call my friends today.
Kata Szovics
From AIESEC in Aarhus

We create value-driven leaders

We believe youth leadership can be developed in anyone. By joining as a member, you will have the chance to develop these leadership qualities through volunteering for an AIESEC team locally, nationally, and globally later.

  • Demonstrating Integrity
    By doing what's right over what's easy, you develop leadership that demonstrates integrity.

  • Striving for Excellence
    By taking up challenging opportunities with AIESEC, you get to continuously grow through creativity and innovation.

  • Activating Leadership
    At AIESEC, you get to lead by example and with empathy by taking responsibility of inspiring others to lead as well.

  • Living Diversity
    You get to work in inclusive spaces that allow you to truly be yourself and embrace each others' differences as a strength.

  • Enjoying Participation
    At AIESEC, you get to celebrate and enjoy the way we are and put your youthful energy and enthusiasm in everything you do.

  • Acting Sustainably
    In various leadership roles at AIESEC, you get to make long-term decisions that build your mindset to also think of your future generations and live sustainably.

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