AIESEC is run entirely by youth, for youth. We're always looking for ambitious, talented young people passionate about making the world a better place.

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The largest youth-run organization in the world is recruiting.
The long-awaited moment has come. Apply now if you live in, or near, Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg and Horsens.

The sign-up form will be open from 19 August to 30 September 2020.
Gain life-long connections
By joining AIESEC, you become one of 40,000+ members across the world. Connect with like-minded young people who are as passionate about global and local issues as you are.
Develop your skillset
Our challenging, team-based experiences will foster your personal and professional development in an environment that empowers you to grow.
Make your impact on the world
As an AIESEC member, your actions have a direct impact on the people around you. From impacting your teammates, to driving change in your communities, the opportunities to shape the world are endless and entirely up to you.
What will you gain?
We believe youth leadership can be developed in anyone. By joining as a member, you will have the chance to develop these leadership qualities through volunteering for an AIESEC team locally, and perhaps nationally and globally later on.
  • In AIESEC, you will be challenged to lead teams, providing you practical experiences that teach you how to empower others.
  • As a member, we will give you projects and tasks that will require you to think outside the box, take risks, and ultimately be solution-oriented in the face of challenges.
  • You'll become a world citizen and join a community that takes responsibility for improving the world together.
  • Through the experiences you gain as a member, you'll become more self-aware about your passions, values and find yourself in the process.
What you could be doing
Outgoing Exchange
Connect youth in Denmark with AIESEC opportunities abroad. You’ll be working on attracting young people, matching them with companies, start-ups, or NGOs; furthermore, you’ll be supporting them during their stays while helping them develop.
Incoming Exchange
Work on engaging local companies and organizations to create placements for youth from abroad to work or volunteer locally. You'll manage relationships, learn how organizations work, help interns feel at home in Denmark, and support them on their journey.
Join the leadership movement
1. Start Your Future Now!
Every journey begins with a single step.

2. Group Assessment
Attend a Group Assessment where you will get to know more about AIESEC and your role.

2 Sep – 4 Oct 2020
3. Personal Interview
You will be invited to a personal interview in case of passing the Group Assessment.

2 Sep – 4 Oct 2020
4. Local Induction Conference
It is time to get to know the people involved in your committee, discover the functional area you are going to work in and the amazing members of your team.

9–11 Oct 2020
5. First National Conference
The moment to find out how big the organization is, how your contribution impacts other people’s lives, and how you develop yourself in an international and challenging environment.

30 Oct – 1 Nov 2020 | Aalborg
The annual membership fee varies from 100 to 200 DKK, depending on your committee.
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