Our Global Talent product offers companies skilled, international talent to fit all hiring needs.

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Globalize Your Talent
Global Talent is an internship experience for young people aiming towards professional career development in a global setting. Internships range from 6-18 month full-time internships for students and recent graduates from abroad.
Hire with ease
With us, sourcing international talent becomes as easy as recruiting in your local market.
Support with Formalities
VISA, work permit, CPR and Danish bank account? We provide support with all the necessary formalities.
Social Integration
Finding accommodation and connecting to other young talents in Denmark? We provide a social environment to make your employee feel welcome and at home in Denmark.
How to Globalize Your Talent
1. Contact us
Get in touch with us via the 'Hire an Intern' form here.
2. Create a Job Description
Create a specific job description for the intern and sign the contract
3. Choose the right person
AIESEC will provide you with a shortlist of applicants for you to choose from.  You may conduct personal interviews and skill tests with shortlisted candidates beforehand if you wish.
4. Sit back and let AIESEC take care of the rest
We will provide you with support in formalities like VISA process, work-permit, insurance, CPR, official administration and legal requirements.
5. Provide a professional experience
Participate in the leadership development of your employee by providing a challenging environment and regular feedback spaces
Hire An Intern
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