By youth, for youth. In AIESEC, members have the chance to connect with people in our global community during and after their experience with a lifelong connection that allows them to build an international network.

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We are the largest youth-run organization in the world.
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Why should you join AIESEC?

Personal Development

In AIESEC, members can develop their management and interpersonal skills through practical learning experiences that complement their formal education to emerge as well-rounded individuals.

Leadership Development

AIESEC empowers young people to take leadership initiatives in challenging environments, where they can develop leadership competencies and values with a clear support system for the learning goals of our members.


Our global community is spread in over 100+ countries and territories, giving our members the chance to connect with people across the globe and allowing them to build a local and international network of youth.

Make an impact

Our mission, values, and diversity create an inclusive environment for people to learn, connect with others, and contribute to a better world through our programs and opportunities, aligned with United Nations SDGs 2030.

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Contribute to Career Path Development

In AIESEC, members are developing not only their personal skills but also their professional skills that contribute to their career path development and be prepared for their future work.

Building Lifelong Connection

Our successful alumni are always connected and spread across the globe, making AIESEC a choice to connect with professionals to support your self-development and future opportunities to work with our alumni.

What will you gain?
We believe youth leadership can be developed in anyone. By joining as a member, you will have the chance to develop these leadership qualities through volunteering for an AIESEC team locally, and perhaps nationally and globally later on.
  • In AIESEC, you will be challenged to lead teams, providing you practical experiences that teach you how to empower others.
  • As a member, we will give you projects and tasks that will require you to think outside the box, take risks, and ultimately be solution-oriented in the face of challenges.
  • You'll become a world citizen and join a community that takes responsibility for improving the world together.
  • Through the experiences you gain as a member, you'll become more self-aware about your passions, values and find yourself in the process.
Develop yourself with AIESEC!
1. Start Your Future Now!
Every journey begins with a single step.

2. Group Assessment
Attend a Group Assessment where you will get to know more about AIESEC and your role.

3. Personal Interview
You will be invited to a personal interview in case of passing the Group Assessment.

4. Local Induction Conference
It is time to get to know the people involved in your committee, discover the functional area you are going to work in and the amazing members of your team.

5. First National Conference
The moment to find out how big the organization is, how your contribution impacts other people’s lives, and how you develop yourself in an international and challenging environment.

The annual membership fee varies from 100 to 200 DKK, depending on your committee.
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