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3 Reasons Why MapsPeople Work with AIESEC

We have been partners with MapsPeople since 2016 and have helped to outsource international talent in IT and marketing. MapsPeople is a Danish IT company, specializing in developing and managing indoor navigation. Since 2009, they have been partners with Google Maps, creating their own software for indoor mapping and directions that can be integrated into other apps as well. Some of their partners, besides Google, include GLS, LEGO, LinkedIn and even Copenhagen Airports. 

Kasper Vork Steffensen, HR Manager at MapsPeople, highlights that the 3 main reasons why AIESEC and MapsPeople has worked well together is because of AIESEC's adaptability and ability to provide access to skilled talent who come from diverse backgrounds. 

AIESEC is run by dedicated students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education who are interested in world issues, leadership, and management. The youth factor, continues leadership development, and fast-paced organizational change allows us to be more flexible in adapting to any change that comes along. More importantly, it also contributes to our ability to better work with our partners in adapting our talent acquisition processes to better suit our partners needs.

Access to Skilled Labor
Everything around us is becoming digitized, and the rising demand for IT workers is hard to meet. Providing IT talents is our main focus, as around 80% of open jobs in Denmark we match are within IT. By being present in +120 countries and collaborating with +2400 universities gives us access to a wide pool of international talent that are ready to relocate to Denmark. International hiring with us becomes as easy as hiring within the local market.

Our interns come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from Tunisia to Brazil. Intercultural exchange lies at the heart of everything we do at AIESEC. Learning how to work with people from different cultures broadens not only our personal horizon but also ensures that we are able to diversify our workplace and gain competitive advantage in our business operations.

We value creating long lasting partnerships with like-minded companies and organizations, such as MapsPeople. Find out more about how you can become a partner too at

Written by
Patrik Schweighofer