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5 Things You Will Experience in AIESEC

Since you are reading this blog post, I assume, you have already heard about our current recruitment. AIESEC is currently searching for new members who are full of passion and vivid ideas and who cannot wait to turn their ideas to something real for a better tomorrow. Nevertheless, joining a new society might not be that easy but don’t worry. For the next few paragraphs, I will let you try walking in my shoes and guide you through the first months of being an AIESECer. Spoiler alert: You won’t probably experience this at university, this is something ‘more’.


One of the first things that happen after you get aboard of AIESEC is a conference. AIESEC in Denmark organizes three conferences per year around Denmark: Citius, Altius and Fortius. Regardless of which conference you attend first, you might be surprised. First of all, the conference usually has plenty of workshops about business, leadership, teamwork, effective communication, sales, marketing and many more. Moreover, facilitators put the information in the context of AIESEC so you have direct access to the information and you can try yourself whether it works or not.
Of course, after a day of hard work, there’s a thematic party and gala dinner – you don't want to miss any of those.

Like-minded people

This is sort of an AIESEC thing. As soon as you get into AIESEC your number of Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram friends will grow. There is, however, one more important fact – those contacts are like-minded people. It starts with AIESECers in your city, then after the first conference with AIESECers from Denmark and then, if you are long enough in AIESEC, maybe even with people from all over the world from European and Global conferences. Needless to mention that I mean people with various backgrounds.

Theory meets reality

Regardless of the position, I am certain, you will experience the feeling of theory in real life. Whether it is public speaking in front of the students or businessmen or planning of marketing campaigns or helping the interns – every time you must find a way to make it work. For me, this first touch point with reality was my first few business meetings in Aalborg. Did we succeed? Not every time. But we learnt something from each of them, especially about Danish business culture. Priceless experience.

Regular meetings

AIESECers tend to meet regularly once a week to evaluate previous week. Normally, there is a discussion over the next steps. As well as with conferences, this is also another point where you meet the reality. Besides that, it is a social time that you can spend with your friends and you may help each other.

Events, events and events

I have started with conferences and I will finish with events as well. By a rule of thumb, all teams in the entity meet once a month for Local Committee Meeting – meaning that all AIESECers from a city gather monthly. And then, there are social times. We go on trips around Denmark with interns, we meet for Halloween parties, Christmas Dinners and social times of the teams. So a bit more interactive than at university, I guess.

To conclude

I hope you liked it because this happened during the first few months in AIESEC. As you might understand, we do have plenty of social time but we do try things in the real world and you can do that as well! If you feel just a bit tempted to try this, it is just one click away. The link to the sign-up form is below. Good luck!

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Written by
Jakub Cumpelik
My name is Jakub Čumpelík, I am from the Czech Republic, studying Master's in Culture, Communication and Globalization in Aalborg, Denmark. I joined AIESEC in September 2017 as a member of the B2B team and I co-organized a national conference in March 2018.