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Warning: You're missing a lot by Not taking part in AIESEC

Warning: You're missing a lot by Not taking part in AIESEC

If you are looking for ways to improve yourself, know your strengths and capabilities, and reach your fullest potential, then AIESEC is the right place. Keep reading, and you will understand why AIESEC will help you rock your goals and be happy. 

The right environment or culture

Have you ever been surrounded by people who were self-driven, confident, and supportive? How did that make you feel? I would guess it made you self-driven, confident, and supportive. There is a saying that says,

" you are the average of the five people you spend the most of your time with."

I agree with that saying because we in AIESEC believe in it, and it is manifesting daily. The environment is one factor that determines your success. 

In AIESEC, you will find people there for you who help you launch your first project, who encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, make your dream big, and assist in the fulfillment of that dream! We have a positive environment with all its aspects. You will get the chance to meet confident, happy, fun, booming, kind, intelligent, and inspiring people and be one of them. 

AIESEC's environment is a massive plus if you are on a journey of self-exploration, building yourself, and becoming extraordinary. It will help you have the right mindset of the most successful and wealthiest people in the world. Did you know that Bill Clinton was a part of AIESEC? He had a growth mindset. AIESEC helped him by putting him in an environment rich with opportunities and full of experiences.

The ultimate personal and professional growth

" Once an AIESECer, always an AIESECer." I love this AIESEC saying because it's so true. How? Well, keep close attention. 

There are two categories:

An intern in an exchange program

As an intern you will go to a new country, to meet new people and discover new people. You will have many experiences. The best thing is you will reach something that is difficult to attain nowadays, that is happiness. How? by challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone, living your true potential. In additioin to that, you will learn new skills such as communication, marketing, project management...etc. It is a lifetime experience.

A journey of an AIESECer 

Stage 1

starts with discomfort and difficulties because it's where people start getting out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, learn new things. They go through experiences that make them more aware of themselves and the surroundings. 

Stage 2

you start seeing results. Your skills are drastically improved. Your knowledge Vocabulary about today's market is enhanced. People begin showing admiration for your success and abilities. There is more than that in the next stage!

Stage 3

you want to apply for leadership positions. You might be saying no, but I guarantee you will if you worked hard enough in the 1st stage. But why would I want to apply for a leadership position? Well, simply because you learned skills, believed in yourself, saw something you rarely see in any other place. So you decide to start sharing your experience to impact people's lives. 

Stage 4

is where the fun begins. You are in a leadership position; you start impacting people's lives and inspiring others. That need to spread good in the world increases with time. Then you decide to apply for the next position and then the next until you are an influential young person who has a clear vision to change the world.

Stage 5

is the final stage when you are self-aware, mature, competent, and an impactful leader who is ready to send his/her CV to their dream company and start working daily with a big smile on the face.

A purposeful network

The network is one of the most potent assets in professional and personal life. In AIESEC, you have a network of +35.000 members in more than 120 countries. Do you know what does that means? 

It means that you will get the opportunity to know at least a member of each country. That will do two things: 

- Give you knowledge about their culture, language, and traditions, which will make you a well-rounded person.

- You will get help while looking for a job or seeking advice or recommendation in a specific subject. 

 Being your unique self

Being an AIESECer doesn't only give you a lot of learning experiences. Still, also it will make you comfortable with being yourself. Your experiences will make you a diverse person with an open mindset. Being unique doesn't always mean that you are born unique. Uniqueness comes with work, experiences, and accepting change. AIESEC teaches you to be unique while being your true happy self. In addition to that, the brand of AIESEC will make CEOs and recruiters look at you as the perfect employee because of the fantastic culture AIESEC has. 

See what you are missing? 

if you feel now more ready than ever, take a look at our internships with AIESEC

Written by
Aymen Jammali
My name is Aymen Jammali. I am an English student |Talent manager at AIESEC in Tunisia| & |Writer at AIESEC in Denmark & AIESEC International| In AIESEC, we work to fulfill young people's potential and give them opportunities to help them professionally and personally. |Personal development and Coffee Addict| My goal is to educate through my blogs in the simplest way possible. I write blogs that require minimum effort from the reader to understand. I am always trying my best until it becomes my standard(Striving for excellence)