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An accelerator for your network

AIESEC is the world’s biggest youth run organization. We are currently present in 111 countries and territories, and as part of AIESEC, you have the possibility to connect with a world of students from universities all around the globe.

🚀 An accelerator for your professional and personal network

Each year, AIESEC facilitates several international and regional conferences in which you can meet and network with students from other countries. This is a unique chance not only to professionally develop your network, but also to meet friends who come from an entirely different background. In an ever-changing work environment, connections are key, and meeting someone who is going through a similar experience can change your perspective entirely

Among them, Global Lead Conference is a conference happening twice a year in Lisbon, Portugal, during March and again in November.

Greeting of arriving delegates by conference facilitators

Philip Bryndum from Aarhus had the opportunity to join, and these are some of the things, he said once he returned back to Denmark.

"I found it absolutely incredible to see how connected 40 something people from all over the world can get in a matter of just 3 days. The amount of love and positive energy flowing through the venue was one of the most things I’ve witnessed in my entire life."

"Furthermore, throughout the conference, with the combined efforts of everyone attending and myself, I have gained a completely new understanding of what it means to give and spread joy, which is coincidentally also what I consider my life’s purpose. I would have never expected this much to come out 3 days in a hostel in Portugal."

"Needless to say, the self development aspect of the conference was staggering in its output, but the more tangible skills we acquired during the these days were just as note worthy."

Getting into the conference mood

As a member of a local committee, you will gain the opportunity to participate in such experiences. And the conferences are just the start. Within AIESEC, you can connect with people of similar professional background and who knows - you might just make friends for life.

A world of opportunities awaits you.

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Written by
Frederik Bendix