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Creating Young Leaders Together

Do what you do - better!

AIESEC provides opportunities to work with important topics in a challenging and ever-changing environment. We develop leadership and believe that every young person has a potential to develop themselves.

We all come from different backgrounds, and each person has a unique set of skills, whether it be from their education or their personal life. If you join AIESEC, you get to apply your skills in real world situations. This helps you grow your skills even more, and it may give you an edge in a future job application, where you will stand out as someone with actual experience.

Which skills can I learn?

You may become responsible for finances, practice your marketing skills, develop your understanding of human relations – or even get to try your luck at sales.

AIESEC provides an environment in which you can challenge yourself, while in the same time being within a support system, who cares about you and your goals in life. You are surrounded by team members, who are also here to learn from their mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and we are here to help you, if that happens.

Apart from that you get to make a positive impact not only on yourself, but on the world around you. Everything we do is committed towards the sustainable development goals, and we work with multiple partners in achieving this. Electrolux, Microsoft and PWC are some of our partners, with whom we frequently collaborate. Several alumni from AIESEC have proceeded to a career with our partners, following their time in the organization, and this showcases just some of the possibilities your time in AIESEC can give you.

And while making a positive impact for the world, you can contribute with the skills, that you already know, gaining experience first hand with your education. Whether you are interested in finances, business administration, journalism, marketing, sales skills, communication or personal development, you are needed!

Since 1948, we have believed that leadership is something, that can be developed in every young person, and you are no exception. Start your future now with aiesec.

Written by
Frederik Bendix