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Joining AIESEC Made Me A Better Team Leader and A Team Player

Joining AIESEC in my university was one of my smartest decisions. It shaped my university experience, made me a better student and human to work and communicate with..

As a leader in the talent management team, and then a member of the MAC team, I learned teamwork and leadership skills that made me a good leader in other organizations that I later joined and led. 


While I was a member of AIESEC, I was made the president of a student association at my university. The leadership and teamwork skills I learned in AIESEC was transferred to help me in my new leadership role. Thanks to being a member of AIESEC a year before I was made president, my tenure was a success. 

How do I know?

I know from the remarks members of the society and my executive team gave on my last day as president.

“I really admire your leadership skills, you were able to get us to buy-in on ideas that will move the body forward”.

‘You were able to carry the whole organization along as a president, and we’ll miss having you around”

Those are some I could remember.

Two years after I’m long gone, the bells of my team’s success still ring. All thanks to AIESEC.

John Emoavwodua| Member, AIESEC in Denmark B2C Team

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John Emoavwodua
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