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What Is AIESEC All About?

What Is AIESEC All About?


AIESEC is a non-profit, non-governmental international organization that exists in +120 countries. AIESEC is a dream in progress. A dream that started with 7 youth across seven countries in 1948 after World War II. 

They wanted to create an impact by building cross-cultural understanding across nations.

 With every dream, there must be a vision. AIESEC’s vision is empowering youth leaders, building a long-lasting AIESEC, and developing purposeful partnerships. Didn’t get the concept? Want to know how it achieves that? And what did we mean when we said “dream in progress?” 

Keep reading, and I promise you, you will get all the answers.

3 Goals of the AIESEC vision

1.Empowering youth leaders

Not everyone is born a leader, but anybody can be a leader. That is why we, as AIESEC, motivate young people to be better versions of themselves. 

By making them understand themselves more, improving their skills, and developing their thought leadership. These were the elements that will create a confident human being and a citizen. Now, what about empowering leaders? 

The first step to becoming a leader is self-awareness, which is a considerable part of what AIESEC is all about. We put youth in different experiences and challenging environments. Therefore they discover their true potentials and know their strengths. 

Potential= Undiscovered Strengths 

After knowing an individual strength, then that individual will start playing with the idea of what they can offer to the world. For example, imagine you are learning a new skill that you love, making you happy. So you are improving every day, and you find it easy to level-up with that skill, you know why?

 Because it is one that you are passionate about and aligns with your values(what makes you happy), now, that skill is your strength, and then what? Here comes the best part…

Now, you will create an impact through that skill. For example, you can start teaching it to others (adding value to their lives is the key)

2. Building a long-lasting AIESEC

Sustainability is the key to success. Sustainability is the same as consistency. It is a critical factor of a dream coming true. Let’s say that your objective is to have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. You will be working out every day and eating healthy to reach your dream goal. But then what?

The next step is to sustain that dream body and look for ways that you can improve it. 

Same with AIESEC’s dream. After we reach that dream, we start living it and sustain it by inspiring youth to become leaders and seek opportunities to grow.

3. Developing purposeful partnerships 

AIESEC develops partnerships that enable growth for both youth and partners. By focusing on leadership development. Leadership development for partners is essential because it enhances the company’s growth by developing leadership capacity. 

But how do we intend to fulfill and live that DREAM?

We place our confidence in youth as the key to unlock a better future. By enabling young people to develop their leadership through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments.

Let’s get technical! What products or services that we use to accomplish this dream goal?

In AIESEC, we have 3 products: GV, GTa, GTe

GV: it’s an abbreviation for Global Volunteer. Hmmm...Still didn’t get it? Trust me; it’s easy. Let’s break it down.

Global: International 

Volunteer: The act of adding value to others without something in return.

If we add them together, it will make sense. So GV is when you go to any country in the world to do volunteer work while getting life skills, certification, and experience that will make you more marketable.

GT: it’s an abbreviation for Global Talent. 

Global: International 

Talent: A profession or skill that you’re an expert in.

GTe /GTa: is going to any country in the world to work professionally, learn skills, and gain a certificate.

Can you imagine that all of that in one place, one family, one organization, and one dream? It is in AIESEC


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Aymen Jammali
My name is Aymen Jammali. I am an English student |Talent manager at AIESEC in Tunisia| & |Writer at AIESEC in Denmark & AIESEC International| In AIESEC, we work to fulfill young people's potential and give them opportunities to help them professionally and personally. |Personal development and Coffee Addict| My goal is to educate through my blogs in the simplest way possible. I write blogs that require minimum effort from the reader to understand. I am always trying my best until it becomes my standard(Striving for excellence)