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Why don’t you get a job… at NGO?

Have you thought, what’s going to happen after you graduate? Are you going to be another brick in the wall or are you going to learn to fly? That’s up to you but joining NGO (non-governmental organization) might help you to get lucky not just in your professional life but also in personal life.

1. Network of new people

When you join an NGO, your network of people you know will probably grow. Sometimes even exponentially. Why is that important? Firstly, let’s not fool ourselves - living in Denmark is about being part of the network. And your professional network of people will extend as well. Who knows – maybe the person interviewing you for your dream job is somebody you used to know while working in an NGO.

2. Real-life experience

The clocks are ticking, and nothing counts more than real-life experience. You will find it scary for the first time but it is priceless. What are you waiting for? Just come and get it.

3. Failure-free environment

Even though we are talking about real life, real business and real people, this playground is safe for you. Yes, you can do some damage to the brand but nobody’s perfect. Moreover, the idea behind NGOs is to spread good all around. And you shouldn’t do much harm with good intentions.

4. F&F

And no, I do not mean your F&F jeans. Friends & Fun are what should be a part of working in an NGO as well. Of course, sometimes it is blood, sweat and tears while achieving your goals but how else you get to know like-minded people?

5. Help!

People with various backgrounds will gather around the core idea of the NGO to bring it to life. Believe me or not but, in the end, you can learn from each other and they will help you grow - a lot.

6. Clarification

Lastly and most importantly, you will get an idea if this is what you want to do. (Presuming that you chose an NGO within the field of your interest.) If you don’t know that yet, you’d better find out, so you can drive your career path the way you want.

To wrap it up – you can Help! yourself not become Another Brick In The Wall. If you want to Get Lucky, you must Learn To Fly first but before the Clocks stop ticking. Unless you want others to say: ‘That’s Somebody I Used to Know.’ You are in charge of your life so Drive it the way you want. Why Don’t You Get a Job at NGO first? Where’s your ticket to ride?

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Written by
Jakub Cumpelik
My name is Jakub Čumpelík, I am from the Czech Republic, studying Master's in Culture, Communication and Globalization in Aalborg, Denmark. I joined AIESEC in September 2017 as a member of the B2B team and I co-organized a national conference in March 2018.