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Youth to Business Forum 2021 Concept Launch

March 2021 - AIESEC in Denmark is set to host a forum under the name of Youth to Business

One year has passed since the last Youth to Business Forum. Youth and companies are still finding ways to adapt to the current state of the world; the rising pandemic has made it a challenge to access dire information, and there seems to be a disconnect between the two groups; this is where Youth to Business steps in.

YOUTH TO BUSINESS 2021 is a conference running for 1-2 days including keynote talks, workshops, a career fair and panel discussions delivered by cross-sector speakers, partners and stakeholders.

Hybrid - Both 100% virtual and physical
  • The event will take place in Copenhagen, as well as on a virtual platform making it accessible to anyone anywhere.
Bridging the gap
  • Th brings stakeholders, such as businesses, organisations, government and youth together within the Danish and International community to bridge the gap between youth and business and to drive Denmark forward by exploring different perspectives, sharing ideas, and building a better future together.
In search for an answer
  • Youth to Business wanted to tackle the issue of Denmark moving away from being part of the top innovative countries in the world. As emerging markets such as South Korea, Japan and Sweden steadily progress. Therefore, the question we are looking to answer through this event:

"What actions do key stakeholders of Denmark need to take to be the leading innovators in the global market?"

Learn more about our concept and the topics that will be discussed here.

Community Partners:Master PeaceThe Hague Center City Transformers

Written by
Andrea Farády
Hey! I am a student in Denmark, currently working with AIESEC both in my local office and as the communication manager for Youth to Business.